Women safety

From an ancient era , the people are listening that who badly women are treated in our society !

Here I just want to convey some message to the society .

There was a post on Instagram I checked out it about Riya Dubey .

She went out with her family to vrindavan , a place near Agra (India ) . So , she was with her family . She was harassed and abused sexually there in the crowd .

So , were the safety of girls are here ?? I really don’t feel comfortable moving out without anyone . The girl was with her family then also . The shameless creature on the this beautiful place which is pure land of love and peace . These people should just look with these eyes to their mothers , sisters and wives too . Can you just allow anyone to touch your daughter like this . A normal answer would be I won’t spare the person who did this with my daughter . Then why you all don’t feel the pain of girl’s heart ? Why you all don’t understand that they too want to live in this beautiful place and live there life freely but people like who raised the voice by judging through clothes and by saying that girls should not move out alone – here is the answer keep your cheap dirty thoughts in your mind and if you have any issue please stay at home .

Her post